• Deutsche Telekom – Be Magenta. Be The Original.

    „If I look at this company, it´s organic, it´s individual, it´s all connected, it´s colorful and it is authentic.“ What´s and especially who´s behind the Deutsche Telekom? What represents the Deutsche Telekom for its employees? Is it more than a … Continued

  • RGE – Employee Recruiting

    RGE is a financial & business consulting company in Munich. Nowadays jobs are even more various in terms of responsibilities, activities, qualifications and skills. For both sides, employer and employee, it´s a chance, but always a challenge. How to recruit … Continued

  • MINI – Customised Parts

    The unique car brand MINI, well-known for special design and upfront ideas in car manufacturing, starts a new era in individualised and personalised car accessories parts – The ’MINI Customised Parts’. From now on MINI will be designing car accessories … Continued

  • Hornbach – Werkstück Edition

    The ’Hornbach WERKSTÜCK Edition’ is a new furniture design series, created by Hornbach, designed by well-known designers – and crafted by you. For the very first time it´s now possible for everyone to build a piece of furniture design with the … Continued

  • Deutsche Bahn – Ode To Family Travel

    If you want drama go by car. That´s the way it is – often repeated in countless families. Deutsche Bahn is more than an alternative for short and long family travels with enough space for eyeryone, family areas and childcare. … Continued

  • Audi – Performance Parts

    Performance has to be achieved. But you always need an inner feeling, an artistic impulse, an attitude. Every day.  Dynamics, outstanding vehicle technology and emotional design with high recognition value and character, that´s what Audi stands for. Concept and direction … Continued

  • Jaz Hotel Stuttgart – Feel Smart & Safe

    How to compose and stage a creative film about the Covid-19 pandemic regulations and comprehensive safety measures in hotels? The Jaz Hotel Stuttgart gave us the opportunity to do it differently – aesthetically dance and music driven. Focusing on everyone being … Continued

  • Deutsche Telekom – Brand Features

    Deutsche Telekom has expanded its management in the corporate responsibility (CR) area again. Now all CR activities are coordinated uniformly, internationally and group-wide on the basis of the new six Deutsche Telekom Guiding Principles ‘Delight Our Customers’, ‘Get Things Done’, … Continued

  • Jaz Hotels – Epic Wake-up Calls

    ‘No routines. Just music’. This is the normal standard at ‘Jaz In The City’ hotels. But what happens when Jaz artists like DJ Sheryl Lynn and singer Marvin Timothy or Jaz staff play and perform a wake-up call for hotel guests? … Continued

  • Audi – Freiraum

    Do you feel the beat? Steady, while the world around you is changing. Simple, while other things get more complicated. Strong, because it is yours. Flow with your beat. Dare to be different. Design your own space. Freiraum. You fill … Continued

  • Bunker – Music Video

    Can Love Be Synth are in love with old analogue machines and define their specific sound in the legendary Synthesizer Studio Hamburg. A synth collectors paradise hidden behind the big grey walls of a Bunker building and the club Uebel … Continued

  • Beautiful – Music Video

    Scandinavian man of mystery, Jasper Frederik, known as one of the most influential experimental artists with a plenty of pseudonyms, now shows his prowess on his first song outing. As the always-man-behind and mainly jack-of-all-trades he influenced a lot of … Continued