Deutsche Telekom – Brand Features

Deutsche Telekom has expanded its management in the corporate responsibility (CR) area again. Now all CR activities are coordinated uniformly, internationally and group-wide on the basis of the new six Deutsche Telekom Guiding Principles ‘Delight Our Customers’, ‘Get Things Done’, ‘Act With Respect & Integrity’, ‘Team Together – Team Apart’, ‘I Am T – Count On Me’ and ‘Stay Curious & Grow’.

The managers as well as the whole Deutsche Telekom team staff gather regularly for international talks at team meetings and conferences. At these gatherings, they exchange their experiences with current activities and find out about the status of executing CR strategy and key performance indicators (KPI).

Two of the biggest and most important meetings are the ‘Telekom Management Team Meeting’ (TMTM) and the ‘Living Culture Day’, happening annually at Deutsche Telekom, Bonn. For the TMTM in 2019 we respectively developed a motion graphics manifesto film on the very special dimension of a 30m-wide LED-Wall. We have been in charge of the main campaign film ‘Living Culture’, premiered at the TMTM 2020 under the new purpose headline ‘We won´t stop until everyone is connected’.

And even in times of Corona we worked proactively on different communication formats like ‘Deutsche Telekom Corona Compilation’ and ‘Deutsche Telekom Living Culture Day 2020 Trailer’.

We also developed a range of audio-visual formats for the TMTM 2021 & TMTM 2022, e.g. trailers for the ‘Telekom Team Awards’, awarded in six categories, supported one of the new 2021 campaigns ‘Kunden zu Fans machen’ and presented an outlook for the year 2030. The Capital Markets Day 2021 and Living Culture Day 2021 have been highlighted with a bunch of ‘specific topic’ driven films as well as the Mobile World Congress 2021, e.g. with a spot about the strategic ‘Sustainability Partnership’ of Deutsche Telekom & Samsung.

bauhouse: Clemens Wittkowski

Sustainability Partnership - Presentation Spot

2030 - Image Film

Kunden zu Fans machen - Image Film

Success 2020 - Image Film

Living Culture Day 2020 - Trailer

The Corona Compilation - Image Film

TMTM 2020 - Living Culture

TMTM 2019 - Manifesto