Jaz Hotels – Epic Wake-up Calls

‘No routines. Just music’. This is the normal standard at ‘Jaz In The City’ hotels.

But what happens when Jaz artists like DJ Sheryl Lynn or singer Marvin Timothy play a wake-up call for hotel guests? It´s a real challenge, that´s for sure. But it might be musically and funny. And even very friendly and hospitably.

A viral campaign with a bunch of spots and with a special touch and sound for each hotel: Electronic dance music hedonism in Amsterdam now, singer-songwriter-quality in Stuttgart soon, and last but not least a modern glimpse of classical music in Vienna later this year.

A sequel with open end. More hotels. More to follow. ‘Stay. Tuned!’

Concept and direction including an overall audio production, based on Yasmin Le Bon´s track ‘Get Your Music On’ starring DJ Sheryl Lynn.

bauhouse: Clemens Wittkowski