Audi – The Art of Progress

What is the art of the future? 

In a modern world with infinite options: Data is core. But only the smart idea behind it creates individual beauty. Technology is power. But only human ambition generates endless potential. Digital is key. But only personal connections shape unique experiences. 

We know that the future will be surprising. Unexpected. And challenging. We believe that it will become something special. Something fascinating. And something meaningful. We feel inspired. We see the artwork of the future in front of us. 

Now, we matter. We, the artists. We celebrate choice as a gift. We seek new horizons. We aspire to a better tomorrow. With an attitude that drives us. To imagine. To rethink. And to create the unknown.

Concept and direction including an overall Audio Production.

Presented and premiered as Opening Highlight Film on the OMR Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2022, Hamburg.

bauhouse: Clemens Wittkowski