Universe – Music Video

After his acclaimed debut ‘Beautiful’ on A CLEAN CUT, Jasper Frederik shows his prowess on his new song outing ‘Universe’, a kind of eclectic hypnosis as a never-ending track.

The universe could be a better place, but, hey, there are a lot of things to do here on this planet, our world. Universe is here. Art is here. Love is here. A touching video about inner feelings, the human universe, is visually emphasizing this. 

‘Universe’, available as a digital and vinyl release, is spotlighted with stunning remixes by two highly influential artists and producers: Man-of-the-moment Captain Mustache (Bedrock, Permanent Vacation, Kompakt, Return To Disorder) and living legend DMX Krew (Rephlex, Breakin’ Records). 

Music video direction, concept and production in co-operation with I AM JOHANNES.

bauhouse: Clemens Wittkowski