• Telekom-Romania_cc

    Telekom Romania – B2B Solutions

    Deutsche Telekom holds substantial shares in other telecom companies, including Central European subsidiaries as Telekom Romania. Telekom Romania offers the perfect solutions for any type of business with an always reliable and high standard working network in Romania. This TV … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_13_Sodexo

    Sodexo – Quality Of Life Services – Director´s Cut

    Sodexo as one of the international service players is offering over 100 services for people and companies around the world. The company´s philosophy is passion and an extraordinary verve for helping people in versatile situations. This image film points out … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_1_T-Systemsv2

    T-Systems – Zero Distance

    T-Systems is showing with this film the new proximity of people, brands and markets and how you can lead your company into the future with the IT solutions from the T-Systems network. More information here. We directed this film and also … Continued

  • Audi Q2 2

    Audi Q2 – #untaggable

    The Audi Q2 is a very special car. #SUV? #car? #sportscar? #coupé? #allroad? #urban? #offroader? #citycar? #compactcar? #supercar? The Audi Q2 is independent. No #classifications #categories #boxes. Simply #untaggable. We have been responsibly involved in the direction, footage research and … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_2_TMTMv3

    Deutsche Telekom – Presentations

    Deutsche Telekom has expanded its management in the corporate responsibility (CR) area. All CR activities are now coordinated uniformly, internationally and Group-wide. The managers at Deutsche Telekom gather regularly for international talks at team meetings and conferences. At these gatherings, … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_5_Audi-Messenv6

    Audi – Music Compositions

    Audi has been working with us on several film and musical projects since 2005. This has been a very successful collaboration. During this time more than twenty five original music compositions for TV, cinema spots and image films have been … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_7_Music-Compositionsv5

    Various – Music Compositions and Sound Design

    Our team is often in charge of the musical direction, music production and sound design for brand or product campaigns as well as international exhibtions, e.g. BMW 1 Series International online campaign, German Bundesliga for all worldwide brand and media … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_8_Countdown-Orchesterv3

    Konzerthaus Dortmund – The Countdown Orchestra

    How do you get an entire city that would rather watch football than listen to classical music excited about the arrival of one of the best conductors in the world? With the first living clock movement in the world: the … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_9_Audi-Sinfoniev3

    Audi – Sinfonie

    Please click here to visit the official Microsite for further features and information. ‘Sinfonie’ emerged from our filmic and musical work for Audi. We created a multitude of audio-visual productions including image films, TV- and cinema spots, music for films, exhibitions and … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_10_Scalev2

    Scale – Video Installation

    On one-side is a projection of the sun covering a whole wall, showing close-ups of solar winds, explosions and the energy centres. The pictures come from NASA’s Experimental Physics Laboratory at Stanford University in California. An iPhone is mounted on … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_11_Installationsv5

    Various – Installations and Performances

    Ever since we began in 1995 we have merged music and sounds, art and DJ culture, video and film and refer to our skills as ‘Audio:Video:Performance’. In short, we are aiming to visualise sounds and create new references by interlinking … Continued

  • bauhouse_Website-Projectpictures_12_Swiss-Rev4

    Swiss Re – Music At Risk

    There’s not one way to look at risk. Risk can be highly complex, or very basic. And we can look at risk in a rational way, but emotions can also come into play. Risk is about probability, chance and knowledge … Continued