Sex’n’Pop – TV Documentary

Since Elvis and Little Richard pop music and sex life seem to be inextricably linked. From Rock’n’Roll and ‘Sex Sells’ to women rebellion and emancipation, from black power to Gangsta Rap, from homosexual and glamorous pop life over business planned boygroup hypes to big scandals and the hidden world of hardcore the 6-part-documentary series portrays over 50 years of pop history: what music really turns audiences on and why?

Part 1: Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Part 2: Justify My Love

Part 3: Sexual Healing

Part 4: It Ain´t Necessarily So

Part 5: Spice Up Your Life

Part 6: This Is Hardcore

On behalf of arte television France and ZDF Germany we developed and directed 18 trailers for this documentary series, broadcasted on arte television France and Germany and ZDF Germany in different features.

bauhouse: Fabian Grobe, Clemens Wittkowski