Scale – Video Installation

On one-side is a projection of the sun covering a whole wall, showing close-ups of solar winds, explosions and the energy centres. The pictures come from NASA’s Experimental Physics Laboratory at Stanford University in California.

An iPhone is mounted on the opposite wall, and it seems to be operating itself. It ‘googles‘, shows self-accelerated images, plays YouTube-videos and presents historical and topical material. It demonstrates fragments and reminiscences of global culture to us, both contemporary human and digitally determined behaviour.

The juxtaposition of sun and iPhone is based on the basic visual setting for all Apple products once set up by Steve Jobs: a shot of earth from space can be seen on the home background page. This motif was taken from the ‘Whole Earth Catalog’.

We were attracted by the idea of placing the original Californian sense of life with its world view akin to technology in a meditative, scaled relationship.

‘Scale‘ is presented as a part of the exhibition ‘My Landscape Is Your Landscape‘, 2014 at Kunstforum Markert Hamburg and Westwendischer Kunstverein Gartow, 2015 at Kunsthalle Faust Hannover and Gerisch-Stiftung Neumünster.

‘My Landscape Is Your Landscape‘ is curated by Claus Friede Contemporary Art.

At Kunstforum Markert Hamburg - Short Documentary