MINI – Customised Parts

The unique car brand MINI, well-known for special design and upfront ideas in car manufacturing, starts a new era in individualised and personalised car accessories parts – The ’MINI Customised Parts’.

From now on MINI will be designing car accessories parts with the help of 3D printing, laser and LED technology on your individual wish and design, includung side scuttles, dashboard panels, door sill plates, door projectors and many more to come.

Which is your favourite color, picture, text, signature, style, form, band, number, country, design and  pattern?

You can choose colors. You can choose patterns and tweak it. You can choose pictures and mix it. You can write letters on your ’MINI Customised Parts’ and sign it.

This new brand campaign includes seven films: Four ’How To Instructions Spots’, two ’Editorial Production Films’ as well as one ’Product Film’. MINI YOURS CUSTOMISED.

Concept and direction of all films including an overall audio production.

bauhouse: Clemens Wittkowski

MINI – Customised Parts - How To Dashboard Panel - 1 Out Of 7 Films

MINI – Customised Parts - How To Side Scuttle - 1 Out Of 7 Films

MINI – Customised Parts - Editorial Side Scuttle - 1 Out Of 7 Films