Konzerthaus Dortmund – The Countdown Orchestra

How do you get an entire city that would rather watch football than listen to classical music excited about the arrival of one of the best conductors in the world? With the first living clock movement in the world – The Countdown Orchestra. Twelve tireless musicians played 21.600 bars and 86.400 individual notes from our composed countdown score on-stage in front of the concert hall in the heart of Dortmund for 24 hours of non-stop and live streamed music. Second by second. Note by note. This unique musical experiment, which happens to be one of the longest pieces of music in the world, marked the beginning of the three-year residency of star conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen at the Konzerthaus. As a highlight, Esa-Pekka Salonen made a personal appearance and counted down the final seconds until his first concert at Konzerthaus Dortmund – to the thunderous applause of the curious residents of Dortmund.

We developed and directed the event as well as the film and were also responsible for the music and sound design.

bauhouse: Fabian Grobe, Clemens Wittkowski



ADC OF EUROPE Gold Award, category ’Sound Design’. Nomination, category ’Events’ at Art Directors Club Awards of Europe 2011, Barcelona.

ADC Silver Award, category ‘Events’. Two ADC Bronze Awards, categories ‘Music and Sound’ and ‘Events Craft – Light, Music, Sound’. Two ADC Awards, categories ‘Spatial Communication’ and ’Promotion Activities’ at Art Directors Club Awards 2011, Frankfurt.

Silver World Medal, category ‘New Product/Service Launch – Public Relation/Brand Communications’. Finalist, categories ‘Ambient – Avant-garde: Experiential Advertising’ and ‘Events – Collateral: Promotion Marketing’ at New York Festivals 2011, New York.

Finalist, category ‘Ambient Media’ at Cresta Awards 2011, New York.

Finalist, category ‘Non-Traditional Entertainment’ at London International Advertising & Design Awards 2011, London.

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