Deutsche Telekom – Presentations

Deutsche Telekom has expanded its management in the corporate responsibility (CR) area. All CR activities are now coordinated uniformly, internationally and group-wide.

The managers at Deutsche Telekom gather regularly for international talks at team meetings and conferences. At these gatherings, they exchange their experiences with current activities and find out about the status of executing CR strategy and key performance indicators (KPI).

One of the biggest and most important meetings is the ‘Telekom Management Team Meeting’ (TMTM), happening annually at Deutsche Telekom Forum Bonn.

For the meetings in 2013 and 2014 we respectively developed the whole audio-visual dramaturgy of these events with a unique music and motion brand design concept as well as several short films and trailers on the very special dimension of a 30m-wide LED-Wall.

We refined the TMTM 2014 films for further Deutsche Telekom occasions, e.g. a series of lectures of Chairman Timotheus Höttges as well as the 10th Anniversary celebration of Telekom Innovation Laboratories.

bauhouse: Fabian Grobe, Clemens Wittkowski


We developed all audio-visual formats for the ‘Lead To Win Awards’, awarded in the three categories ‘Collaboration’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Responsibility’: Both Lead To Win Awards anthems, each with nine to twelve Lead To Win Awards winner trailers as well as all background projections for this event, which took place on the TMTM 2016, 2018 and 2019.

bauhouse: Clemens Wittkowski

Lead To Win Awards 2018 - 1 Out Of 12 Winner Trailers

Lead To Win Awards 2015 - 1 Out Of 9 Winner Trailers

TMTM 2014 - Intro - 16:9 Version

TMTM 2014 - Intro

TMTM 2014 - Inspire

TMTM 2014 - Inform

TMTM 2014 - Instruct

TMTM 2014 - Outro

Telekom Innovation Laboratories - 10 Years Anniversary - Part 1

Telekom Innovation Laboratories - 10 Years Anniversary - Part 2

TMTM 2013 - Intro

TMTM 2013 - Compete

TMTM 2013 - Transform

TMTM 2013 - Innovate

TMTM 2013 - Outro