Audiovisualize DVD – Corp.Inc.

Although working in an area with a rich but relatively little-known history, today´s audio-visual artists perhaps owe as much to the VJs and music producers who have emerged from 90´s electronic music culture, as some of the most influential 20th century experimental film makers like Norman McCLaren, Len Lye, Jordan Belson and notably Oskar Fischinger, who began laying the foundations of this fusion genre, based on a synthesis of motion, colour and sound, over half a century ago.

Now, using contemporary techniques such as sampling, remixing and digital manipulation alongside traditional film, video and music production methods, modern ‘audiovisualizers’ are able to push creative boundaries ever further.

Music and image play an equal, complimentary and indeed synergistic role in this arena with modern software allowing a much closer and more specific integration than was ever possible previously.

Whether it´s finding new ways of visualizing music, or expressing images sonically, the goal is the same now as it ever was: to produce something that can be watched in much the same way as we listen to music.

We developed and directed ‘Corp.Inc.’ especially for this DVD project, released on Universal 2004. Please click here to order.

bauhouse: Fabian Grobe, Clemens Wittkowski, Alexander Puell