Audi R10 – A New Dawn Of Power

2006. A new car. A new engine. A new challenge.

Audi, the creator of TDI® diesel technology, faces one of its greatest tasks. An innovation that has already caused a sensation on the road was about to revolutionise the world of motorsport.

Audi was looking to become the world’s first car manufacturer to win the famous Le Mans 24 hours with a diesel engine – in the new Audi R10.

Our two image films ‘A New Dawn Of Power Part 1 and 2’ not only provided a first impression of this revolutionary car but also showed the great race and success in Le Mans 2006. And as we know today – this was the beginning of a stunning success story.

We developed and directed these films and were also responsible for the music and sound design.

bauhouse: Fabian Grobe, Clemens Wittkowski

Part 1

Part 2